1.20 Update: Gavel Reborn

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Party up with friends to overcome unique challenges and defeat overpowered bosses! Raids are mid to late-game content with a focus on multiplayer and team-based challenges. Successfully defeating the raid boss can give you exclusive loot such as tomes, which can permanently buff your characters.

  •         3 New Raids!
  •         Team Up With 4 to 6 Players
  •         Randomly Generated Challenges
  •         Temporary Raid Buffs
  •         Exclusive Loot
  •         Raid Bosses



Build your own house and live within the world of Wynncraft. For the low price of 750 emeralds, you can create your housing island in almost every major city and more! Place NPCs such as Item Identifiers, Bank, Trade Market, and even a new Build Stand NPC to quickly switch your equipment.

  •         Build Your Own House
  •         Live Within Wynncraft
  •         Spawn Your Very Own NPCs
  •         Invite Other Players


Explore a new and improved Gavel. The Content Team has been hard at work giving the Province of Light the love it deserves. Every region from Lv. 40-80 has been reworked and improved, including the Light Realm storyline. Learn the history of the province with (many!) new discoveries, quests and more!

  •         New Quests
  •         New Discoveries
  •         Reworked Builds
  •         Reworked Quests
  •         New Boss Altar
  •         Early Game Improvements


Conquer the map and start your own empire! You can now set up trade routes throughout the world and make alliances, or close down your borders and control your territories with an iron grip. Use the wealth gained to level up your Guild Tower and improve your economy. But be careful, the bigger your empire, the bigger your downfall.

  •         Territory Headquarters
  •         Level Up Defences
  •         Alliance
  •         Trade Routes
  •         Guild Economy
  •         Fixed Ownership Transfer
  •         Updated Wars
  •         Guild Bank


An updated Gavel province also brings an updated Forgery. Completing multiple Corrupted Dungeons in a row without dying or leaving will increase your potential Forgery Chest loot. Be careful, the dungeon mobs will also scale with your level. Get rewarded with XP, Emeralds, Runes and yes, even Mythics.

  •         Corrupted Dungeons Level Scaling
  •         Keys Unlock Dungeons For Everyone
  •         Get Mythics as a Reward


Get the new CHAMPION rank for exclusive new perks and to support the game. It is only because of your continuous support that Wynncraft can keep bringing you new updates regularly.

The CHAMPION rank contains:

  •         Merchant Booths On-Map
  •         /switch Command To Quickly Switch Server
  •         Instant Class Deletion
  •         Class Backups
  •         Bomb Bell
  •         Reserved Slots
  •         Character Nickname
  •         And More!

This update also comes with:

  •         New Tier 4 Crate
  •         Free Pet For Everyone
  •         New Pets
  •         Pet Combat & Levels
  •         Pet Tasks
  •         Pet Messages
  •         Improved In-Game “Use Menu”
  •         Scrapable Black Market Rewards
  •         New Crate Rewards
  •         New Hats
  •         New Perks For Existing Ranks


PLAY NOW at ​IP: play.wynncraft.com

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